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Bi+ Health Awareness Month: Follow-Up

I wanted to expand on my thoughts after last month’s bisexual mental health discussion.

Different Needs for Bisexual Folks Who Are Trans, Bisexual Cis Men, and Bisexual Cis Women

For trans bisexual folks, or gender-expansive people generally (who might prefer to use

and/or prefer that others use “pansexual” as a label), finding a partner who won’t

prescribe gendered scripts onto you can be difficult. Trans people are also at greater

risk of violence, especially trans women.

When cis women partner with cis women, or AFAB(1) folks with AFAB folks, sexually, this

is lower-risk in terms of spreading sexually transmitted infection when compared to

other combinations of sexual partnerships, at least when there is penetration involved.

Bisexual women often experience serious mental health issues, but I believe that men

still aren’t generally permitted the same sexual and gender fluidity that women are--

there is more violence directed at men who partner with men, and more generally at

AMAB(2) folks who don’t present as traditionally masculine. Homophobia might be an

exacerbated threat to the mental and physical health of bisexual men who partner with


"Bi Erasure"

Speaking to the above, there are divergent narratives about bisexual men and bisexual

women--equally problematic, but different--that contribute to this phenomenon of bi

erasure. Bisexual or bicurious women are often distrusted by lesbian women, and

bisexual men are often assumed to be “transitioning to gay.” One common theme

here is withholding agency from bisexual people to identify themselves for their own



There’s loads more to say on these topics--I’d love to hear your own thoughts, experiences, and what you’d like to see covered in greater depth!

(1) Assigned Female (sex) At Birth

(2) Assigned Male (sex) At Birth

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