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My practice invites curiosity both inward and outward. Think of a magnifying glass versus a telescope. Inward curiosity magnifies our ideas about ourselves, our own thoughts and emotions, and the stories we hold dear. Like observing the cosmos, outward curiosity explores the possibilities of others and gently challenges how systems work, examining where different stories conflict and where they come together.

While my style is eclectic, I consider myself a “systemic” and “narrative” therapist. I believe that the systems we are in play a profound role in how we experience identity, and that our sense of well-being largely comes from nurturing community and feelings of social belonging. When there is disharmony in our community, in our families, in our relationships, or in our work cultures, we often experience disharmony in our sense of self. Therapy, then, invites self-exploration and encourages us to try out different roles or to make waves within those systems—“be the change” as they say.


Similarly, a sense that there is something wrong within us can lead to deeper examination of the cultural messages we take in, of the quality of our relationships, and of the language we are using to evaluate our problems. Narrative therapy swoops in here to help clients pinpoint their values and the ways their lived experiences illustrate those values, allowing them to move forward with confidence and embrace what is meaningful to them.

There is some risk with beginning therapy. The process may feel awkward or intimidating at first, but it can be a collaborative adventure, trying out new roles and ways of relating to the world. Through language, we can retell our stories and learn to see ourselves in brand new ways.

"What you risk reveals what you value."

- Jeanette Winterson



Notice: I do not currently have immediate availability for new clients, although I am available for short-term work and consultation. I am now licensed to work with residents of Connecticut and Illinois.


Ask me questions and find out more about therapy! I offer free 15-minute consultations by phone to help you decide whether we might work well together. I don't believe it benefits either party if we are not a good fit, and I will do my best to refer you elsewhere if I'm not what you're looking for.


One-on-one therapy for teens and adults. For more information about rates and payment, click the "More Info" button below.

Services are LGBTQ/kink/poly affirming. I commit to antiracist action and maintaining critical consciousness of power in the work that I do. I also believe in harm reduction and adhere to the principles of Health At Every Size®.


Collaborative therapy for partners, spouses, families, fiancé(e)s, siblings, coparents, metamours, coworkers, and even friends. For more information about rates and payment, click "More Info" below.

My practice strives to be LGBTQ-inclusive, antiracist, and sex- and body-positive. I work with many different types of families, including multicultural and multiracial families, same-gender partners and parents, blended families, polycules, those who don't ascribe to traditional gender identities or gender roles, and the families of transgender and gender non-conforming youth. (Of course, I enthusiastically work with heterosexual, cisgender, and monogamous couples and families too! :))

I am certified in providing premarital counseling through the PREPARE/ENRICH program for couples considering marriage, cohabitation, or parenthood. You can read more about PREPARE/ENRICH here.


I am an Approved Supervisor candidate through the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapists (AAMFT) and have completed all relevant coursework for this credential. I enjoy providing support and training to students in Master's-level and doctoral programs for marriage and family therapy and to license-eligible therapists who are not yet fully licensed.

I also provide consultation services to other therapists who need more support around relational counseling work with couples, families, non-monogamous partnerships, and so-called "sexual and gender minorities" such as those in the LGBTQ and BDSM communities.

Please get in touch with me via the contact information below for more information about rates and/or to inquire about other collaboration opportunities.



Although I try to respond to messages as soon as I am able, please expect approximately 48 hours for me to reply.

In cases of psychiatric emergency or immediate danger,

dial 9-1-1, or consult this toolkit for navigating crisis.

[I used to have a contact form here, but it kept attracting bots! Because I am not (yet!) certified in providing counseling to robots, I have opted to stop using the contact form. Please contact me using the methods to the left of this text!]

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